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Life is a true adventure and every day is another episode of it. Although it seems like nothing interesting is happening right now on my journey, I sat back, looked at everything objectively and realized that plenty of things are going on. There are no news about Royal wars Invasion. I hope my editor will finish the job in two weeks, so I can proceed with further steps. Meanwhile, I’m working on short stories.

The biggest trap we can all fall into is that we know everything. I’m very confident in my storytelling skill, but I’m always open for improvement…

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First of all, I have to say that editorial part of Royal wars: Invasion takes a little bit longer than I expected. That makes it difficult to announce the definite release date, but I’m still happy as things are moving in the right direction, not by the desired speed, but still moving.

In the meantime, I decided to start a new project. Keeping in mind that Royal wars can be ready at any moment makes it a logical not to start with something big. Working on another novel wouldn’t really make sense. That’s why my choice is a short story.

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After Anar and Adrian, it’s time to write about a female character and one of my favorite characters overall. You have learned something about Ciandra from my previous articles, but this time I’ll focus on her with a little bit more details.

She grew up in a relatively rich family. Her father was a librarian and she loved to read, but soon she became more interested in some physical activity. She wanted to be outside, to listen to the birds, to feel the warmth of sunshine and gentle touches of the wind. She wanted to be in nature. In the…

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This is my second Character introduction article where I share some of the most important details about protagonists in my upcoming novel Royal wars: Invasion. After introducing king Anar to you, now you’ll meet one of his best friends, Adrian.

Adrian is a man in his forties, a very skillful fighter, able to excellently handle almost every known weapon. Different types of swords, bows, axes, spears, daggers — knowing how to handle these weapons earned him money as he’d been helping other to improve their skills, but his life changed when he met Anar and Ciandra (the next article will…

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Welcome to my Character introduction article series. I don’t know how many of them I’ll share, but right now I have three in plan. In these articles I’ll introduce some of the characters from Royal wars series to you. Those are the characters who show up and have some of the major roles in the novel Invasion that should be released this fall. This way I want to give you the piece of what you can expect from the book and the story. Of course, I won’t reveal too much and ruin your experience of reading the book, but with…

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It’s been quite a while since I wrote the last article. I needed more time and energy to focus on finishing the translation and designing a cover, poster, trailer etc. Now, when my book is at the hands of my editor, I’m back with new article in which I’ll tell you why Royal wars is the greatest adventure that I’ve experienced and why it can possibly be one of the most interesting and exciting adventures for you.

For all those who don’t know, Royal wars is an epic fantasy series placed in the world which looks like the middle age…

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A little bit more than two months passed and I’m close to finish the first part of the translation. It was super fast as I expected it to be completed in more than three months. I learned a lot of tips and tricks along the way which once again proved that it is only important to start doing things and then everything else fits into place. I believe the same thing will happen with the rest of the process: first stage of editing, professional edit and proofread and then the beta readers. But as usual, I don’t think too much…

This is going to be a short article about where I’m standing right now in the process of translating my novel. I feel like I need to share this with you because many of you are in some type of process or on some journey which might be difficult or you feel lost. I hope my positive attitude will touch you and encourage you to keep going with your head up.

If you follow my work for some time than you know that I’m translating my fantasy novel from Bosnian to English. I split that process in few stages and…

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When people start writing, they don’t worry much about whether they someone calls them a writer or not. The only thing that’s important in this beginning period is the writing process itself. But as soon as the process on the first novel approaches the end or when you write a few stories or poems, you start wondering are you allowed to call yourself a writer. That sounds pretty understandable, but it’s not just a simple question. This question is a source of many problems and sabotages for writers.

The world we live in is full of people we respect. It…

I want a reader to close the book after finishing the reading and say: What a journey!

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Royal wars is the first complex series, first complex story, that I have created. It was almost fifteen years ago when I was a kid in primary school. Inspired by The lord of the rings, me and my friends wanted to play a game, a child game, which soon turned to very mature board game, where we were able to play roles of characters like Aragorn, Gandalf and others. …

Nemanja Pavlović

Fiction writer. I’m currently translating my epic fantasy novel to English. I blog about my journey as a writer, inspiration, storytelling tips and fantasy.

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